ACTS Ltd specialise in the refurbishment of all makes and models of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers.

Our engineering expertise will allow us to analyse the condition of your cooling equipment, it's performance and potential for repair or upgrading. Our experienced service engineers can perform a total turnkey operation or provide supervision and guidance to your own maintenance personnel.

All refurbishment tasks will be carried out to ensure that it meets the criteria as defined in ACOP L8 Guideline standards.

The refurbishment work includes:

  • Replacement of Hanging Fill Packing with Block Style Fill Packing.

  • Replacement of Old-Style Wooden Air Inlet Louvres with modern L8 compliant plastic Air Inlet Louvres/Panels.

  • Replacement Drift Eliminators for all makes and models of Cooling Towers.

  • Replacement Fill Pack for all makes and models of Cooling Towers.

  • Repair/Refurbishment of all types of water distribution systems.

  • Replacement of exterior timbers and cladding.

  • Installation of access platforms, ladders, access doors etc.

  • Replacing Old Wooden Air Inlet Louvres.

All the above tasks are undertaken in accordance with ACOP L8 and are performed by fully trained Service Technicians.