Specialists in the repair and maintenance of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers.


Our extensive database includes all manufacturers, past or present which includes UK and overseas designs.

We can source most parts and materials or alternative replacements if the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) parts are no longer available.

Our sourcing can involve the need to custom manufacture parts or components.

Our repair work includes:

  • Steelwork Structure Repairs (galvanised, mild and stainless steel).

  • GRP Repairs (includes gel coat finishes).

  • Repainting of Towers and Base Tanks.

  • Repair of Timber Towers (troughs, support timbers, splash bars etc).

  • Repairing Water Leaks (corroded areas, panel leaks etc).

  • Fans, Motors, Control Panels.

  • Repairs/Modifications to all types of Pipework, Valves, Filtration Systems.

Our maintenance work includes:

  • Maintenance & Service Contracts (specifically tailored to clients needs).

  • These are typically 1 to 3 year contracts which provide cleaning and mechanical inspections of Cooling Towers and associated equipment.

  • Cooling Tower cleaning and chlorination as defined in ACOP L8.

  • Endoscopic Inspections of Fill Pack.